POLARIS Pro R 9" - Button Spider


$3,195.00 CAD

300 and Lower
300 and Higher

300 hp or Lower - Purple Spring 50/160 & 2mm Rollers, 1335 ramps

300 hp or Higher - Purple Spring 50/160, 3mm Rollers, 1335 ramps & 8g Race Weights

All springs, ramps and rollers can be changed - please let us know how your SXS is set up (accessories, tunes and mods) and we will set it up for your specific riding style (based of riding terrain or if you race)

** The TAPP Polaris PRO R Clutch uses the stock Polaris Clutch Bolt **

Ramp Functions:

*By flipping 2 Ramps from A side to B side you will increase your Engagement by about 600-800 RPM

*By flipping all 4 Ramps to B side you can increase your Engagement RPM even higher