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The World's Easiest Clutch To Tune!

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The Ultimate Performance Clutch

TAPP Clutch was extensively tested with high horsepower engines and the results were AWESOME. It can easily handle 150 to 500 plus horsepower. It grips the belt, runs cool and delivers the power to the track.  It's centralized mass and low innertia design allows for quicker throttle response creating predictable power. 

The World's Easiest Clutch To Tune

Riders can easily tune their TAPP clutch to match their riding style even while out on the trails. This includes flipping the ramps, adjusting the ramp angle and adding weight screws.

Flipping The Ramps
The TAPP primary clutch comes equipped with four ramps which can be flipped in opposing pairs. Flipping the ramps from position A to position B will raise engagement and pull down the RPM.

Adjusting The Ramp Angle
You can adjust the ramp angle by adjusting the clicker style bolts. The higher the number, the higher the RPM. Adjustments made to the clickers must be done in opposing pairs to keep the clutch in balance. For example, One set of opposing pairs can be set to two while the other set of opposing pairs can be set to six. 

Weight Adjustments
You can also adjust the RPM by adding or removing Allen weight screws and washers. Reducing weight will increase RPM and adding weight will decrease RPM. Weight must be added in opposing pairs to keep the clutch balanced. 

Available In Eight Awesome Colors

Benefits Of Owning A TAPP Clutch

Performance – TAPP Clutch was designed for high torque, high horsepower turbo charged four stroke sleds.

Durability – High tech material can withstand extreme heat extending the life of the clutch.

Tuning – The TAPP Clutch is the easiest clutch in the world to tune. It can even be tuned on the trail.

Compact Design – Allows for easy access in tight spaces.

Longer Belt Life – Extensive venting and multi-angle curved sheaves for better belt grip and cooler running clutches.

Reliability – More time sledding and less time in the shop.

Better Throttle Response – Centralized mass/low inertia design provides a quicker throttle response.

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Normally the high performance billet TAPP Clutch ships with a premium quality machined silver finish. However, you can now buy a beautiful anodized aluminum cover with seven different colors to choose from for an additional $50. 

Anodized face plates are only available while quatities last. Place your order today to reserve the color of you choice. Offer is subject to change without notice.