Dealer Inquiries

Are you a high performance sledding shop with a proven track record of installing high performance mods? Would you like sell, install and service the best clutch on the market today? If you said yes to both of these questions, we should talk.  We have a TAPP Clutch Dealer opportunity for select sledding shops. Becoming a TAPP Clutch Dealer has the following benefits:

  • Wholesale Pricing – As a TAPP Clutch dealer, you will have access to the TAPP Clutch wholesale pricing program which will allow earn profit off of each TAPP Clutch you sale.
  • Installation Profits – As a TAPP Clutch dealer you can earn additional profit from installing each TAPP Clutch you sell.
  • Tuning – Even though the TAPP Clutch is simple to tune, we have found that some customers would rather have someone else tune their clutch. This is an opportunity to earn even more profit.
  • Support – As a TAPP Clutch Dealer, you will receive ongoing telephone support.

For more information, please call (250) 804-6952.

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